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No matter where your operations stand we help you to be successful in a changing energy market. The number of participants and decentralized energy resources has increased manifold. At the same time, meter readings as often as every second have led to an enormous increase in the amount of data. Existing legacy systems were designed for one-directional operations and struggle with handling this amount of data efficiently and cost-effectively. Today, green utilities demand scalable solutions to grow and diversify their offering as end-customers expect innovative products for a variety of applications, fast.


Our solution

A modular and scalable platform to deliver electricity tariffs

That's why we have developed the leading energy as a service platform, connecting producers and consumers of green distributed energy. Our open and modular cloud-based platform works across the full end-customer lifecycle and is adaptable to diverse use cases. We offer innovative ways of integrating new products within existing portfolios and also provide easy access to the energy market.
Your benefits

An end-to-end solution

Our end-to-end solution is scalable, modular and flexible. It fits seamlessly into your processes and enables the evolution of your product offering. Our transparent software as a service business model makes your investment manageable through low CAPEX and predictable OPEX. State-of-the-art APIs allow you to build best-for-purpose solutions, while the microservices-based architecture allows you to shape market-leading customer propositions and adapt to changing demands quickly.





  • Advanced billing allows for personalized and rich billing schemes. Combi-products consisting of insurance and electricity, use of smart meter data for granular billing or boni schemes become possible.
  • A product catalog enables you to flexibly configure new energy products based on available functionality.
  • A virtual power plant maximizes the value from even the smallest renewable assets such as rooftop PV, residential and EV batteries as well as wind, CHP and hydro power plants.










  • Taking over power market processes enables us to switch contracts, manage processes and exchange data with all market partners while ensuring regulatory obligations.
  • Powerful APIs give you the freedom to shape and build the customer-centric propositions you want, based on your needs.
  • We act as a utility-as-a-service, meaning that we are a licensed utility and reduce time-to-market in co-branded solutions (depending on country).








Foundations of our platform


  • Real-time, automated processing of large and complex data sets enables precise billing, small-scale aggregation and flexibility trading services, as well as aggregating the data and presenting it in attractive ways.
  • The cloud-based microservices architecture offers you the standardized Lumenaza core product functionality and enables the building of customized elements.
  • A fully digital approach allows you to create a rounded customer experience along the whole customer lifecycle.







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