SonneNext strengthens market position through Energy Aggregation and Dynamic Electricity Tariffs based on the Lumenaza SaaS Platform

12 Mar 2024 / Press releases

SonneNext energy GmbH is expanding its service offerings to include optimized aggregation of PV electricity and the provision of a dynamic tariff based on the SaaS platform of Lumenaza GmbH.


Lumenaza's SaaS platform automates the entire aggregation process, including market communication and billing, enabling SonneNext to seamlessly integrate the enhanced service offerings into its existing portfolio. End-customer communication consistently occurs under the SonneNext brand.

Specializing in photovoltaics with its AI-powered Energy-Management-System "AI·leen," SonneNext provides smart energy management. Utilizing the Lumenaza platform allows for flexible and efficient aggregation and cost-effective electricity procurement, enabling operators of photovoltaic systems to achieve optimized financial results.

The collaboration between the two companies confirms Lumenaza's role as a leading provider of SaaS solutions for the energy sector and marks a significant step for SonneNext in offering its customers advanced and customized energy management services.

"The collaboration with SonneNext demonstrates that our SaaS platform turns companies into innovation leaders. I am pleased that through SonneNext, even more people will gain access to electricity markets to increase the revenues of their facilities while also reducing electricity costs." says Dr. Christian Chudoba, Managing Director of Lumenaza GmbH.

Hans Jörg Hölzenbein, Managing Director of SonneNext energy GmbH, adds, "By utilizing the Lumenaza software platform, we can offer our customers an even more comprehensive package. Our combined expertise enables us to maximize the value of solar energy while simultaneously making a positive contribution to climate neutrality."


About Lumenaza GmbH
Lumenaza is both a software and service provider as well as a utility company for green, decentralized electricity. Its Software-as-a-Service platform for the energy industry manages the entire customer lifecycle from switching processes, billing, to balance group management and a virtual power plant. It automates business processes in the energy sector and maximizes the value creation of even small renewable energy installations.
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About SonneNext energy GmbH
SonneNext energy GmbH emerged from the collaboration between IVG energy solution GmbH and Hans Jörg Hölzenbein. Initially, the company's goal was to enable operators of PV installations to earn higher revenues from the sale of self-produced electricity. SonneNext fulfills this promise with its AI-supported energy management system AI·leen, which optimizes electricity usage with integrated forecasting tools for anticipated household electricity use and production. Specifically, the system enables operators of PV installations with battery storage to sell self-produced electricity on the electricity exchange at peak prices due to knowledge of future market electricity prices.
The cloud-based, intelligent energy management system AI·leen is supported by AI that not only analyzes household self-consumption but also economically manages feed-in and procurement. Additionally, SonneNext energy GmbH offers consumers its own electricity tariff.
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