Lumenaza and BlueMetering accelerate Smart Meter Rollout in Germany

13 Feb 2024 / Press releases

Lumenaza GmbH, a pioneer in the field of renewable energy, and BlueMetering GmbH, an innovator in smart metering solutions from Munich, announced their partnership today.


This partnership aims to significantly accelerate the rollout of smart meters in Germany and to establish a solution that enables households and businesses to significantly reduce electricity costs through dynamic tariffs and increase revenues through effective marketing of their surplus electricity (in energy aggregation).

Synchronization with Renewable Energy as a Guarantee of Success
At the heart of this initiative is the ambitious vision to seamlessly synchronize energy consumption with production from renewable energy sources, especially photovoltaic and wind power plants. This step is crucial as it not only leads to a significant reduction in energy costs but also actively contributes to the energy transition. The role of smart metering systems is indispensable here, as they provide precise and timely data essential for efficient energy management.

Customer Journey – A Holistic Approach
The cooperation between Lumenaza and BlueMetering goes beyond conventional partnerships. It encompasses the complete customer journey—from ordering the smart meter to its installation and the setup and efficient use of electricity tariffs and direct marketing options. Special attention is paid to user-friendliness and generating financial benefits for customers, ensuring a smooth and advantageous integration of this technology into daily life. The advantage for the customer lies in the close integration of Lumenaza and BlueMetering and a completely digitalized order processing.

Innovation Meets Expertise – Paving the Way for a Sustainable Future
The collaboration between Lumenaza GmbH and BlueMetering creates a powerful synergy. It not only provides measurable benefits for end-users but also significantly drives forward the energy transition in Germany. This partnership sets new standards in energy supply and demonstrates both companies' commitment to a sustainable, efficient, and customer-oriented energy future.

About Lumenaza.Community
Under the Lumenaza.Community brand, Lumenaza GmbH is a leading provider for aggregation of electricity from small PV, wind, and biogas plants, and a supplier of electricity for dynamic electricity contracts. The Lumenaza Community stands for green, decentrally generated electricity. Since 2013, Lumenaza GmbH has also supported leading energy supply companies such as EnBW, E.ON, and Octopus Energy with innovative solutions in billing, market communication, or a virtual power plant.
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About BlueMetering
BlueMetering GmbH has positioned itself as a nationwide competitive metering point operator for electricity and gas in Germany, taking responsibility for various energy sectors, including electricity, gas, water, district heating, and submetering. In addition to handling all energy economic processes, the company also offers services for energy suppliers and electrical trade businesses.

The focus is on the digitalization of properties, and BlueMetering GmbH pursues a holistic approach to develop solutions for the digitalization of metering technology across various energy sectors. Their goal is to provide their customers with data simply and efficiently from a single source.

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