Why car manufacturers should offer green electricity tariffs

30 Nov 2020 / Market

Electrification poses major challenges for car manufacturers. In addition to the development of electric vehicles (EVs), comprehensive, green charging infrastructure is needed for e-mobility to succeed and to alleviate drivers' apprehension of switching to electric.



Customers no longer only need a car every few years. They want an all-in-one package that accompanies them in their everyday lives. That's why car manufacturers should no longer just sell cars, but offer mobility and energy management solutions, including electricity tariffs. Manufacturers have the opportunity to differentiate themselves from their competition by bundling their car sales with customer-focused additional services, such as low-cost, truly green and sustainable electricity tariffs.

How do car manufacturers enter the energy market?

We have developed the leading energy platform that enables green utilities to start, grow and evolve their business in Europe and beyond.

Our software-as-a-service platform enables car manufacturers to launch innovative electricity tariffs and business models quickly, plus smoothly integrate them into their existing portfolio. Our open and modular cloud platform works across the full end-customer lifecycle and can be adapted to various use cases thanks to powerful APIs.

Why should car manufacturers offer green electricity?

Affordable, easy-to-use wallboxes are a first step towards meeting customers' needs and making e-mobility more accessible. However, as 80% of EV charging takes place at home, a home electricity tariff and energy management solution will be vital to long-term customer loyalty and generating regular income.

When switching to an EV, customers expect a stress-free complete solution for 100% emission-free mobility. They want to be able to make an active contribution to the energy transition without having to make any compromises. They also don't want to have to navigate complicated offers for the different components from various parties.

Household hardware manufacturers began to successfully sell PV systems and battery storage in conjunction with electricity tariffs several years ago. We have built energy communities around stationary storage since 2011. In the automotive sector, we offer special tariffs which are up to 25% cheaper than household electricity, including for fleets and company cars.

Our combination of smart electricity tariffs with electricity of clear origin complements your business and is a valuable addition for EV buyers. In the future, it will be possible to offer even more intelligent tariffs and generate additional income by marketing the flexibility of car batteries.

What other opportunities do electrification and the decentralized energy transition offer car manufacturers?

The batteries of EVs can be used as flexible assets to contribute to grid stability and help more renewables to be integrated into the grid. This use of the battery for demand-side response starts with price-optimized charging, such as cheaper charging when demand is low and goes as far as using the battery to stabilize the frequency of the grid.

Offering a trustworthy green electricity tariff now will serve as an entry point that future offers can be built on. To effectively differentiate yourself from the competition, the electricity you offer must be truly green, like our electricity of clear origin. This makes the origin of local green electricity transparent, ensuring the trust and loyalty of new and existing customers. Of course, it also increases the share of renewables in the energy mix and supports the decentralized energy transition.

What's your challenge? Talk to us. Together we will develop innovative solutions for the decentralized energy transition.
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