Lumenaza and Kiwigrid team up to offer manufacturer-independent home energy management solution with tailored green electricity flat rate

02 Nov 2020 / Press releases

Lumenaza and Kiwigrid, the software companies for green, decentralized energy, have jointly developed a manufacturer-independent Home Energy Management System (HEMS). The solution includes a customized green electricity tariff for PV storage combinations.



The cooperation between the two organizations enables BayWa r.e., the leading renewable energy company, to complement the HEMS solution - consisting of a solar system, storage, energy manager and user-friendly app - with a cloud-based electricity product at a flat rate. For the first time, devices from different manufacturers can be used and networked. End customers benefit from the optimum coordination of the individual components and can supplement their self-generated power with electricity of clear origin. BayWa r.e. has launched the manufacturer-independent HEMS as sonniQ and the flat rate as sonniQ+.

Previously, households with their own PV storage combination often had to book an additional electricity tariff which could not be optimally adjusted to the complete system. The HEMS solution allows the PV system, storage, heat pump and wallbox to be networked and intelligently controlled regardless of the manufacturer. Lumenaza offers the appropriate electricity flat rate and supplies customers with residual electricity reducing electricity costs and increasing self-sufficiency. 

sonniQ+ is based on Lumenaza.Flat, an electricity product tailored to PV storage systems which the Berlin-based company launched in 2019. It enables hardware manufacturers and retailers to offer new future-oriented electricity tariffs and energy services for distributed energy systems. Installers receive access to an online portal, where the systems integrated into the HEMS can be monitored and remotely maintained. This significantly accelerates reaction time to issues, meaning end customers don't have to wait long for an on-site appointment. This complete HEMS solution strengthens long-term customer loyalty and increases the sales potential of suppliers. 

Dr. Christian Chudoba, founder and CEO of Lumenaza, commented: "Working with Kiwigrid is a logical step for us. As software companies, we both have a high level of expertise in promoting the distributed energy transition. Our approaches complement each other well. We have created an attractive offer for end customers that is based entirely on electricity of clear origin."

Dr. Frank Schlichting, CEO of Kiwigrid, added: "The result of our cooperation with Lumenaza is an important step towards the urgently needed sector coupling in the decentralized energy world. The complete solution consisting of HEMS and electricity tariffs will meet all the energy needs of end customers, from electricity to heat and mobility."

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