Intelligently charging fleets with green electricity

Intelligently charging fleets with green electricity

03 Dec 2021 / Market

The transformation of mobility is accelerating: Between January and October 2021, just under 270,000 new electric vehicles were registered, already significantly more than the approximately 190,000 new registrations in the whole of 2020. This means that more than one in ten newly registered cars are now powered purely by electricity; hybrid drives also account for more than a quarter of new registrations. These figures illustrate the far-reaching transformation of mobility - away from combustion engines and toward sustainable, electric drives.


The associated change is also influencing fleet operators. They, too, are turning away from conventional drives and toward electrified passenger cars. In August 2021, pure EVs and plug-in hybrids together accounted for 18,934 new registrations in the fleet market. In the same month, 18,901 diesel vehicles were newly registered - a reduction of 33 vehicles!


This trend is set to continue: The new German government plans for up to 15 million EVs to be on German roads by 2030. The majority of these cars will be company vehicles, which employees are usually given for private use. Charging will then take place at the workplace, at home and on the road. This calls for intelligent charging solutions.


Charging is changing - "Charging anywhere"


Companies are starting to electrify their fleets and are confronted with the challenge that previous charging solutions only mapped partial components. There was a lack of complete solutions that simplify charging - regardless of location. After all, EVs should always be able to charge when they are not being driven. Passive "stationary vehicles" should become actively charging vehicles.


This complete solution was developed by Lumenaza and Envision Digital. Employees benefit from being able to charge their electric cars anywhere. Companies have the advantage that the installation can be carried out quickly and easily by Envision Digital's own technicians, both at the workplace and at the company's employees' homes.


An important contribution to the Net Zero strategy


For EVs to really be considered a green alternative to conventional vehicles, they should also be sustainably charged with green electricity of clear origin. If this is the case, a company can significantly improve its own carbon footprint in the mobility sector by electrifying its fleets and thus contribute to the company's sustainability strategy by making the avoided CO2 measurable.


Smart meters measure electricity consumption, which is billed directly to the employer - when charging at home, for example. Lumenaza's smart tariffs ensure that the purchase of green electricity can be not only sustainable, but also cheaper than conventional household electricity tariffs.


The complete solution - including billing


Charging at different locations can be challenging for electric car owners. Different providers have their own systems, tariffs and billing methods, which can be a problem especially when charging on the road. The complete solution offers reporting that includes all drivers and charging points. Fleet managers can access daily updated statistics and employees can access their individual charging statistics.


The billing of electricity purchases is highly complex from a tax point of view. Fleet managers and companies benefit from Lumenaza's long experience in reducing this complexity for users. For example, Lumenaza can significantly simplify the billing process by billing electricity purchases individually and integrating them into corporate accounting.


Contributing to climate protection with electrified fleets


Companies are increasingly being called upon to take an active role in the fight against climate change and become climate neutral. Electrification of fleets can be a crucial component in this. A complete solution enables charging regardless of location and simplifies complex billing processes. Intelligent meters make the company's contribution to climate protection measurable and can be communicated transparently.


We can help you simplify charging for your fleets. Contact us for a comprehensive consultation.

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