Innovation and Partnership for the energy transition – Lumenaza at E-World 2024

28 Feb 2024 / News

E-World 2024 has once again proven how vibrant and dynamic the energy world is. At our Lumenaza booth, we had the opportunity to welcome a wide spectrum of industry professionals.


Although our booth in the well-attended yet uncrowded Hall 5 was somewhat hidden—surrounded by renowned companies like Qcells, Huawei, or Mobility House—the journey to find us, guided by our booth number, was a small adventure that undoubtedly paid off.

Particularly notable was the diversity of the attendees: from traditional utilities interested in dynamic tariffs and energy aggregation to the housing industry, which is increasingly addressed through our partner program.
The sense of new beginnings among the emerging players, who are energetically working to find their place alongside the industry's established giants, was palpable.

A prominent theme was the Smart-Meter-Rollout, which posed both operational challenges and questions about the interaction between SMGW, Steuerbox, and HEMS.

Despite the lack of market standards, it was clear that a solution enabling both market-friendly and network-friendly control is of utmost importance. With planned workshops and discussions with potential HEMS partners, we are committed to clarifying and further developing this area soon.

The partnership with BlueMetering, announced just before the fair, was a highlight and underscores our commitment to accelerating the Smart-Meter-Rollout in Germany. This partnership, along with the positive response to our SaaS solutions, motivates us to continue leading in innovation and driving the digitalization of the energy sector.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who is with us on this journey. E-World 2024 has once again confirmed that our industry is full of opportunities. With insightful discoveries, new partnerships, and relentless dedication to a more sustainable future, we look forward optimistically.

Until next time!

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